Wednesday Through The Lens

Do you ever look at the project you started and wonder if you will ever get to that point when it’s actually done?

Sometimes the Love Shack feel like. It feels like it has a list that will never end, and then we look back at the pictures and see how far we have come.

Today’s Through The Lens is a look back, a few pictures to remind us on how far we have come.


the Love Shack
The front when we purchased the Love Shack



The Front Three Seasons later


bedroom 2 and livingroom
Bedroom One and Main Room


The same shot into the Bedroom One today.


barn baord
The Main Room today. The same wall.


The flooring of the old bathroom with the spongy rotting floor.


 And years of water damage from the roof leaking.


The same angle of the bathroom today.


It’s hard to believe now looking back at our Lady how bad of shape she was in when we purchased her. But look at how far she has come.

I am glad we never listen to the many times we heard, “you should just knock this down and rebuild.”

It feels like a long road some days, but when you look back at where we started, it’s not that long ago from the day our friend and realtor Darrel said, “you guys should buy this one. What you to could do with it.”

I recently had Darrel up at the Love Shack, it was fun watching his face when he saw what we have done.

It also reminded me of what we can do when we put our minds to it.



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