Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

It’s 9 Pm. The dishes are done and all sign of the holiday meal is put away. The family and friends have gone home after a lovely afternoon and evening.

Juliette has had her first Thanksgiving Meal and with a full belly, Romeo and she are laying on the bed sleeping peacefully. Husband is looking comfy sitting in the lazy boy chair with his feet up watching the boob tube, making the house fairly quiet except for the sound of Goblins coming from of the wind setting off the Halloween Decorations hanging outside the front door.

You noticed I am describing the home and not the Love Shack. Our new normal has been to have Thanksgiving Dinner at the cottage.  Unfortunately, heavy rain was called for this weekend at the cottage. With heavy rain, an unfinished kitchen, a larger invite for dinner this year and two dogs, I didn’t see that having a happy ending. So the decision to have dinner at the house was made.

Looking around and how much easier this day has been turned out confirms the right decision was made, even though there was a little disappointment at not being able to share the progress we have done this year. On the up-side of that, next week we are getting company there to come and see what they didn’t get to see this weekend. So all will end well.

And so, we are yet another week behind at finishing the insulation. That being our biggest tragedy, we’re doing ok.


I now have the quiet and the time to look back and reflect on this Season at the Love Shack. And on the day to be thankful, I can’t think of a better time to do that.

This year we started our year off with a new neighbor.  A Cottage was sold, giving us a lovely new neighbor. She bought the cottage of a neighbor we really liked and hated to see leave. But change is part of life and she has been a pleasant addition to our weekends.

Next year we will have new neighbors too, as another has put his cottage up for sale. The best we can hope for is someone as kind as him. We wish him a peaceful retirement back home on the East Coast.

As each year passes, we get to know our neighbors better making Bob and Sue more than just the names of the people across the street, but people we know and look forward to seeing. We enjoyed having their visit and they make each weekend just that little bit nicer.

The Summer was hot and when it wasn’t unbearably hot it was wet. Yet, the Honey to do List still managed to get done.

It was slower this year, but the big jobs got done. The Gable is in and the Barnboard wall got up. Lighting got added. The closet got built and the insulation got started.

We are now waiting for two windows to come in as we decided to try to get both windows in this year, which will finish up all the windows at the Love Shack. We are still also trying to get that insulation finished.

Next weekend we will be packing up the outdoor furniture and saying “see you next year” to some of our neighbors, as this weekend started the closing up of the cottages.

We are always one of the last ones to close and are planning to be there another month if Mother Nature will co-operate.

As always, the Warriors stepped up when we needed them. To them, we are always grateful for what they do.

The family is well and I will return to work in two weeks.

I am looking forward to getting back to work but I think I will have some worrying moments as I have gotten used to being home with the dogs all day. Juliette will have to get used to me not being here with her, and Romeo too will have to re-adjusted to mommy going back to work.

I think husband will miss having me home the most as I spent much of this Summer working on recipes for the Cottage Cookbook and he came home to some pretty splendid dinners this Summer.

In all, it has been a pretty good year. There are things I would have like to get done, but time seemed to run faster than I could. The family is well and family dinners are full of laughter and chatter. You can ask for better than that at home or at the Love Shack.

I will end this blog with a picture of the lake. It seems no matter what time of the year it is, I never get tired of looking at the Lake.



Seagulls and Ducks on the water.


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  1. Just reading this post gave me a bright smile on my face. I’m enjoying the slow progress because it’s nice to take things more slowly and enjoy the journey more than the destination. But I am looking forward to the destination too. The Love shack .


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