Fall Wishes


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Fall Wishes

May the season be bright and colorful.

May your fire burn hot filling your home with warmth.

May the cool wind against your back push you forward.

May your sweaters be soft and comfy.

May your table be plentiful and blessed by the harvest.

May your sweets be sweeter.

And hoping your ghost and goblins don’t scare away your turkey.

Wishing you a Wonderful First Day of Fall.

Seasons Blessing to All.

Lacie Sheldon Winters


6 thoughts on “Fall Wishes

  1. Thank you. That was lovely thought. However, here in this corner of the Southern Hemisphere we are in Spring. Two days ago on a lovely warm and sunny (27c) spring day, I set up the table and chairs, put up the umbrella, brought out the laptop and the dog and I had a lovely day, working and listening to Sinatra.

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  2. A town in the north of South Australia – sometimes referred to as the Arid Lands. Average summer temperature is between 38 – 42c – although 44c is not unknown. At the moment it is early spring and we are about to “Spring Forward” with the clocks on Sunday.

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