Wednesday Through The Lens

When we first started to do the Reno’s at the Love Shack, I never really thought about what goes into a house. Until lately.

This Summers big job, the Gable got done and interesting enough, one Gable equaled three more lights.

Once we started counting, it was amazing how many lights and styles of light went into the Love Shack.


20170522_170515 (1)
The first set of lights were reading lights over the bed.


Those lights worked great for when you are in bed, but


light 3
But you still need one on the ceiling.


Next, we put in lights in the guest room.

Where we put reading lights over the beds too.


It was a very exciting moment when I had lights in the kitchen and could see to do the dishes.


Lights at night in the kitchen



Then the ceiling leaked in the bathroom and, we had to replace the ceiling and add a new light.


The new ceiling and lighting.


After the bathroom ceiling was repaired, the hall wall was repaired and, you got it another light, only this time for the outside.



The new light on the back porch.


Next came the light for the main room and a big celebration came, we now had lights in all the rooms of the house.


Light in the main room


So you would think, they have to be done with lights. Right?



Next came the Gable and yes, we added another light, or two or three.


The new lights that will hang in front of the new window. ( The window should be ready in two weeks.)


So now we have a new Gable, which means a new door. A new door means there will be a new deck one day. So you got it… You need more lights… And well… They have to match the backlights.


The two new lights to match the back porch light.


Ok, we’re done….Right?


We replaced the dining table in the cottage with a square-shaped one which takes up less room and has sides that fold down.


The new table.


We are so happy with the new table. It fits perfect. And then we discovered something.

It’s dark in the corner where the table sits. And so we bought another light.

The new one will get hung up soon.

Our plan is to start the last weekend of September and work till the 12th of November. This hopefully will make up for the hot Summer that kept us from being able to work.

We may be a bit behind, but if nothing else we can definitely say…


We have light…




14 thoughts on “Wednesday Through The Lens

  1. As I was reading a Hymn was wandering through my head :o)
    “Lead kindly light, amidst the encircling gloom,
    Lead thou me on”

    The lights looked interesting and, Yes I know, I have a very strange brain. :o)

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  2. I need to attend lighting anonymus. The more bizarre, the more I need it in my home! I relate to lighting dilemmas. Love candles too but others don’t, so I’m stuck using electricity. Darn

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      1. I painted apartments and custom homes for years and know the black residue candles leave behind. It’s obvious where candles sat for long periods of time. Still, I love them, the flame’s glows are so calming.

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  3. “It was a very exciting moment when I had lights in the kitchen and could see to do the dishes”… I can really relate! It’s exactly how I felt when we finally got proper lighting in our kitchen and cooking just got a whole lot safer!

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