Wednesday Through The Len

I honestly didn’t think I would be doing a post on water for a very long time…

But here we go again. Yes, the water. The dreaded never-ending water problems at the Love Shack.


Mother Nature had her hey-day in Ontario this year. If it wasn’t cold and wet then it was hot and humid or it was wet and humid.

Most of our Spring was wet and nasty in one form or another. And from her, we got the gift of wet and another water problem.

When I pulled into the driveway, I said something feels different here. I didn’t remember having a slight slope down the driveway toward the house.

Then, I went to take a bath and filled the tub, to my surprise, the water was yellow.

Now you know it’s not a good sign when your water is anything but clear.

The next morning I called my water guys.

The new tank we put in only two Summers ago. You know the two thousand gallon Cistern. That very heavy tank, sank further into the ground than it was meant it go.

It seems the heavy rain in the Spring actually caused the whole front lawn to sink about two inches.

Now add a large amount of water from the Spring Runoff to the sinking tank, and it brought the water level in the yard just high enough to seep water into the fill-opening of the tank.

Now I had two choices. The first was to lift the tank, which meant backhoes and digging up the lawn or the second choice, add a collar to the tank.

We went with the new collar.


The new collar and ugly lawn decoration.


With the new collar on we now have an additional eighteen inches above ground protecting the fill-opening in the tank.

The tank has been drained, sanitized and refilled with fresh water.

So after all of that, it was time to get into my tub and have a nice soak.

And then….Lord Love a Duck… You are not going to believe this… But…

When we redid the water system in the house there was only one piece that we didn’t have to replace that actually still worked.

Until that night.

When I went to brush my teeth… the one and only piece of the original plumbing, the bathroom taps, fell into the bathroom sink.

This one we won’t blame on Mother Nature but might have something to do with Father Time. Meaning, it was only a matter of time.

Well, that was all that was left of the original plumbing.


The new taps.


The bathroom taps have been replaced along with every pipe, connection, drainage piece, hose, and tank inside and outside of the house.

I am afraid to say it…. but, I think we might be ok for water problems for a little while.

At least this is what I am telling myself with my fingers crossed.




13 thoughts on “Wednesday Through The Len

  1. It’s always something isn’t it? And our weather has been exactly the same here in SE Michigan. It’s been a very forgettable Spring and Summer and the Winter was nothing special either … 62 inches of snow was one factor. Here’s hoping Fall is well worth the wait.

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      1. Well that is interesting about your weather – we seem to have had the same weather (I live in Southeast Michigan, about 12 miles from Detroit) … we had a bad Winter last year but our weather folks say we are having an El Nino Winter and it will be milder and less snow. I hope they are correct – it would be nice if you had this as well.

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      2. I think so too – last year was never-ending. Having snow in April is not unusual, but we just got rid of the snow when all the rain began. I am hoping we have a nice Fall to make up for the crummy weather this entire year so far.

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  2. Fingers crossed, but things come in threes. In my family, whenever we broke something, we would go and break two perfectly good matchsticks – to be the other 2 things that broke that we could afford to break. Perhaps you should ‘accidentally’ kick over a bucket of water to make the third water thing.

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