Wednesday Behind the Lens

Many emails have prompted this week behind the Lens.

And the question is… How are Romeo and Juliette doing?

They are doing great. I would best describe them as inseparable. Our morning starts out with play-time and our night ends with snuggle-time.

She was the best present I could have gotten him. He has lost a couple of pounds with all the added running around and she is now 31 lbs and growing.


The chase is on.


We have recently found a place to rent a private pool for them to swim and Romeo loves his new swim partner.


Ready to jump in.


And now time for the swim, which Mommy and Daddy both enjoy too in the heated saltwater pool.




We have given our little rescue from Texas (otherwise known as the Yellow Rose of Texas) a new name. Juliette is also known as Tumbleweed.

No one told us a white dog would need so many baths or would love to dig holes and roll in the dirt.


Look, Mommy, I made you a new hole to plant your flowers in.



Bath time… Again…


They eat together, play together, swim together and they sleep together.


Here they are making good use of the guest room at the cottage on a hot Sunday Afternoon.


Juliette has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is happy, bouncy and snuggly. She is also gutsy and takes no crap from her big brother.

The added bonus is she has brought the puppy back out in Romeo. At the same time, he has been teaching her and protects her.

This has been a win-win. When we rescued her, I think we are the one who got the best part.







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