Wednesday Through the Lens

Getting back to our weekly look through the Lens, let’s go back to Spring of 2016 when we first bought the cottage and look at the process of building the wall that is now the main focal point of the main living area at the Love Shack.


20160521_090637 (2)
The Original Wall


Some steps along the way.


20160605_174159 (1)
The framing went in.


20160723_130012 (1)
Followed by the Fire Board.



Next came the Kentucky Flagstone and ceramic flooring.



Then in the Fall of 2016, our Cast Iron Stove was added and we had heat.


Two years later, with multiple projects done along the way, we got back to working on our wall.


The plywood to support the Barn Board was installed.



And the final project was completed.


barn baord
The Barn Board is installed.


Looking at the final project, it’s hard to believe that ugly 1970’s Paneling and the Orange Shag Carpet could turn into the Focal Point of the Cottage.

Since I have been working along the side of Husband and not just being the one who booked the jobs, I have a new found appreciations for the time and skill it takes to do a project like these. There were at least two weeks of work to install that one wall. I still think the time and expense is well worth the final outcome.


Now a little update on the work at the cottage.

The humidity here in Southern Ontario has been pretty bad this Summer, making it difficult to work in the cottage. Add my surgery to that and not being much help, we have post-posted doing a lot of work up at the Love Shack and have been working at home, on the house with Central Air.  You know that house that has gotten neglected with us spending every weekend for the past two and a half years working on the Love Shack.

In the meantime, lighting had been purchased, flooring has been purchased and windows have been ordered. We are planning on starting back at the Love Shack in another week.

This year when we are normally slowing down for the season, we will be getting our second wind to get in the rest of 2018 planned projects.











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