Lookings Rather Cottage Like

The weekend before the surgery we headed up to the cottage with our dear friend Jodi who volunteered to come and give us a hand staining Barn Board.

The plan had been to do the wall behind the Cast Iron Stove with Barn Board. Of course with all the other things going on working on the inside of the house had got pushed aside.

This year, with the Gable done, we moved back in for our projects.

The first part of putting up the Barn Board is having something to attach it to the wall. A layer of plywood was attached to the walls to give a supporting base.


Plywood was attached to the walls.


Next came staining the Barn Board. Five different shades of stain were chosen and a sixth was made by combining two of the colors.


Staining was done the old fashion way with gloves, rags, and a brush.



Jodi working away staining the boards.


This past weekend we went up to attach the boards and this past weekend is when the heat wave came back. Inside the cottage, it was over 32 Celsius with two air conditioner and a fan going. That was cooler than it was outside.

Nine hours later, through the heat, with many cuts, lots of glue and nails, our Barn  Board is up and I would say its looks rather cottage-like.


barn baord
The Barn Board is installed.




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