Back On Track At The Shack

It seems like weeks since we posted any work going on at the Love Shack. Now that’s not to say that things haven’t been going on, they have just been going a little slower this year and the projects are a little bigger.

My surgery put us a little behind, but it was an expected delay. As you know before we had the surgery we were able to open the front of the house, add a door and change a window and we also got the gable in.

What we were not able to do because we were waiting for the inspection was get the new roof on. Which we passed and then we got a second delay because of the weather.

First, it was rain. Then came the thirty Celsius plus heat with the humidex in the forties and then came more rain. Then add in my surgery and a new puppy and we got the word delay.

New puppy has fit into the family just fine. I am up and moving around again and that means we could go back to the Love Shack and husband could finally put on the new roof.


View of New Roof


Second View


You might also notice in the pictures a couple of new addition. The first being the new screen door has been put in and also there is Juliette on her first visit to the cottage.

She loved the cottage and had lots of visitors her first weekend when many of the neighbors came over to see what’s happening at the Love Shack, and to meet the new addition to the family.

6 thoughts on “Back On Track At The Shack

  1. It’s all looking great and I did notice the new screen door. Juliette is lovely. The new roof is good and everything seem to be progressing well. I hope that Romeo is recovering from his bee stings, Oh, and did I mention that Juliette is lovely??………

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    1. You did and she is. She has quite the personality and the funny part is this little thing at 20lbs tells Romeo she is the boss. Romeos bumps have gone away and his face is back to normal. They re running around the house today as though nothing happened.

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