Dog Attack

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself. You know me as Lacie Sheldon Winters. My friends and family call me Mama Bear.

My co-workers will tell you, I am generally a happy person who will do anything to help anyone and my neighbors will tell you, I rarely complain about anything and that they trust me with the keys to their homes and the care of their families. So basically on the good person list, I get at least a seven.

My husband and close family will tell you that I live through my heart, but “oh god run like hell when you cross that final line”.

My husband also asks me why I share the bad things that happen on the blog. The reason is simple, life even at the Love Shack is not all paradise. It’s life and it’s real. On that note, I’m going to take you back.

Summer of 2016, we were sitting in our yard at the cottage. It was the first time having the whole family together at the cottage for the family birthday. It was dark when suddenly a dog came flying at Coco. My daughter-in-law and I were both knocked over, the table went flying on to my in-laws.

Up until this point, we had not said anything to the neighbor that everyone complained about but didn’t say anything to. The reason they said nothing, he had lots of other family members there with cottages and they didn’t want to be excluded from the other cottagers. ( Bully)

In the meantime, the dog had been running loose. Jumping on people and pooping in everyone’s yard.

Well, enough was enough, and I said something. The results, one of the other cottagers had the nerve, yup I said that, to make me feel like I was the problem. Guess what, I never said anything to her, but I have not forgotten it. But soon the dog was on the leash and the bad neighbor and us got along.

Since then, I have kept my mouth shut, till the new bad neighbor moved into ( yup the same dam cottage). Only this time, there were about twenty complaints about this guy and yup his dog, as I told in the blog The Bad Neighbor.

So here is where Mama Bear now comes in. Romeo is not my d-o-g. Romeo is my BABY. He is my child, just like my children and foster children. Just like every animal who has been adopted into this home.

He eats my food. He sleeps in my bed. He is more important than my job or my money. He is dependant on me. He will never grow up. He will just get bigger. He follows my lead and instructions. I am responsible for everything he does and everything he needs, including his safety. That is the way of life as a Fur Parent.

Now, remember I said I am the neighbor who also doesn’t really complain. So when I see the cars on the lawn or someone building stuff that they don’t have a permit for. I don’t care. When they get drunk till they fall down. Nope, still don’t care.

But, when I am at the cottage, I am not working and when stupid hits them on the head, I will be glad to call 9-1-1. But please accept that as my only help. Responsible people, I will get out of my lawn chair for. I told you I get at least a seven on the good people list, not a ten.

So now, for the last two years, I haven’t said a word about the dog problem. But Yes, we have a dog problem.

My mind is boggled. I can not understand how or what happens to a person mind. Many of the cottagers, live near us in the city. They have nice homes. Take care of their properties. Have successful careers and walk their dogs and clean after them and yes, they keep them in fenced yards and walk them on the leash.

But and I mean BUT, as soon as they leave the city limits, gone is all forms of responsibility or logic. Just like that is a flash. Gone.

And yet, I haven’t said anything.. Until now…

Last weekend Husband, myself, Romeo and Aunt Jodi were walking, when two bulldogs came charging at us. My six-foot-plus husband and Romeo were knocked to the ground with teeth coming at them. Husband and Rome were tangled in his lead and he was knocked down hard enough that the husband came out of his shoes.

With my bad arm,( one day before surgery) I lifted a growling, biting dog off Romeo, while the owner pulled the other one-off of them.

Injuries: Twisted wrist and all my nails broke off my hand. Husband, a brush burn, and Romeo had a small cut on his leg. Boy were we lucky, that could have been much worse.

The owner apologized and was upset. Forgiveness was given… This time.


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As we walked back to the cottage we were stopped along the way, many times, by other Cottagers who witnessed what had happened, and here is what we heard:

Their dogs have been attached in their yards too. They can’t bring their dogs to the cottage because of this neighbor, and that neighbor doesn’t keep his dogs at his cottages and has attacked and almost killed their dog. They are afraid to walk their dogs. They are afraid to walk alone because they are small, or elderly or not in good health and they get jumped on or growled at by dogs.

HOLY CRAP… Nurse and Mother Bear just fell off the… I am so pissed wagon… AND You just crossed the line mark.

So a note to that neighbor who I heard reads my blog, I was the problem complaining three years ago… Shame on you, dog owner. This is not a new problem, this has been going on for years.

One week after my surgery, with a semi-working arm. I have spent this whole day on the phone.

Animal Control has been notified of unleashed dogs running around jumping on people, attacking dogs on a leash and tied on their own property. The pooping on people’s lawns, digging up their property and about the neighbors who have been afraid to walk their dog’s or by themselves.

Before I spoke with the Animal Control, I spoke with The MPP and The Counselor for the Region.

An Animal Control Officer has been assigned to the case, starting this morning, she is in effect. They will now start patrolling the area. They have asked for photographs to be taken( everyone has a cell phone). Fines will be issued. Dogs will be picked up. Licenses will be checked and so will vaccinations.

I am not the bad neighbor who was shunned for complaining about being attacked three years ago. I am the neighbor who will stand up with the multiple other neighbors who said what can we do.

When I return to the cottage this weekend, there is flyer already made with all the contract numbers and instructions for the people who have been afraid and didn’t know what to do.

You see, I am no longer the new guy. I am a member of the cottage community.

Most of the time, I stay over at my place working on the Love Shack. Occasionally you see us walking the dog. We are the nice people who will always stop to talk, loan you a hand or a tool. I am also a mother, a Mama Bear, a Nurse and a Fur Mommy.

And as my children and husband said… Oh shit… they crossed the line.

People should not be afraid to live or walk in their community.

Dog attacks are caused by bad owners, not bad dogs.

Your common sense does not get to leave when you cross out of the city lines. Leash laws are in effect in the whole country.

You love your fur baby enough to have them, then care for them and about them. Not only do people and other animals get hurt, but so can yours.

And I think I might have just gone on my first rant. I am sure it won’t be my last.

On that note, as I said to my MPP, My Counselor, and the Animal Control, I have four months off of work with nothing else to do. I will not sit back and be bullied by a bad neighbor or his poor dog. We will be in touch.

PS… We are all ok. Romeo’s leg is healing. My arm well who can tell at this point, it was assaulted during surgery and husband, well he was too big he said for me to kiss his boo-boo… So I think he is going to be ok too.

PSS… We also learned something about our 108 lb Baby, he is not afraid to defend himself or protect his family. If not for that, I think we might have all had a few more injuries. It is also a good thing he was on the lead or I am afraid that those two bulldogs would have been needing a vet.

Let’s hope he never has to do that again.








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  1. My wife and dog were attacked by a nasty dog with a poor pet citizen owner. Required a visit to Urgent Care and follow -up visits to doc. These pet owners are the worst. Nice rant.

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    1. Thank you. I am sorry to hear that. I think we as people have to take some responsibility, not only for our own pets but to actually file a complaint and stand behind it. I think the problem we had out here is no one wanted to be first. I took that rap.

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      1. I agree. We called the police and they visited the perpetrator and their dog. The dog was confined and the owners were urged to build a double fence, which they did.

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  2. I am an avid walker – more and more people have vicious dogs – it worries me that I will encounter a pit bull one day. Two doors from me is a doberman in a corner house. I’ve done nothing to that dog and I have to cross the street to walk that way. It growls, bares its teeth, lays back its ears. Its owner, a registered sex offender and a burly man, lets him run in the front yard unleashed. I now find dog droppings in my front yard. I have no words for any of this but I share your pain, believe me.

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    1. Romeo is a Doberman. But he is kind like all of my dobs have been. Dogs are a reflection of who raises them. Call and file formal complaints. You also a have a right to carry an aggressive dog spray. I have many friends who like myself are runners and cyclist. They are prime targets for aggression and being chased and bitten. They carry them, but realize that that will get you away only.

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      1. I think this dog has been raised to be mean. It needs nothing to send it into a rage. I carry pepper spray, and also pepper gel, after I heard that spray could blow back into your own eyes. I normally love dogs, but not this one. I wish they would ban pit bulls. I know that people say they are tame, sweet disposition and all that, but almost every time you see kids, or even pit bull’s owners mauled by their own dogs, family members always say they were a docile dog – something set them off. I have seen dobermans who were not vicious and more like a family pet like Romeo. I don’t trust this one.


    1. Thank you. I think I probably am going to be in the good books of a few and the bad books of others. The humor in that is the bad books will be the people who are really already in others bad books but think nothing of it. On the upside, I have been unpopular before and survived that too. LOL.

      We have also noted that this blog post is gone crazy in this area. Not that I mind, go blog… But it is running rampant in the unknown searches department. Someone is sharing it quite often. Go Blog.

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  3. I am glad you came out of the attack with only minor injuries… but there should not have been any injuries at all. Bad parenting of fur babies is a problem everywhere I wish could be fixed. You did the right thing filing a complaint. I hope your summer gets better!

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    1. Thank you. I agree. What I think I am more upset about is the fact that it’s the third time in less than three years that we have a had a problem like this. Then you add the horror stories from the others and I have to wonder why did no one do anything? You read those stories in the paper and or see them in the news and it goes like this … tragic accident or event and the people say this has been a problem for years… Some things boggle me… I think your safety is worth speaking up for.

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  4. Benji and I were only ever attacked once and that in a place where we should have been safe – The Beach. The tide was out I saw the woman and her dog a long way out (probably looking for shells) so I was not too bothered. Next thing the dog came charging- crossing the distance in next to no time and when for Benji. I managed to get him onto my shoulder and kept turning away from the dog so it was clawing me and not my boy. I was saved by two teenagers who had been sitting in their car and saw what happened. They came running down and did the “Classic” threw sand in the face of the dog. The owner came running over, said nothing took the dog, got into her car and drove off before we could say anything. The fine for an uncontrolled dog anywhere on the beach is $2000. If the dog attacks anyone it can be seized and destroyed. Decided to go home myself.

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    1. I am learning so much since I posted this blog of how many people have been attacked by another persons dog and mostly with them present. I am also pleased to note we were at the Love Shack today and Animal Control was there patrolling. I am sorry you had such a terrifying experience.


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