Wednesday Behind the Lens/TheWindow

This past weekend we were able to get in the new window. First, I would like to say, I love the window. It is 55 inches by 44 inches. It’s a large window that provides a great view. Second, I would like to say, damn that thing was heavy.

Don’t you think another window would look lovely at the top of the gable? Hint Hint… Maybe in the Fall when it gets done being made for us.


New gable, new door, and new window. It’s been a busy Spring already.


My how she has changed since we first bought her two years ago.


enrcio and window
Out with the old windows.


the Love Shack
July 2016


It won’t be long until the new deck and then siding goes up…

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Behind the Lens/TheWindow

  1. You’ve made such a lot of progress – do you know how many more major projects you will have until she’s done? Honestly, I don’t think the window would look good at the top of the gable, not a square window anyway. Maybe a small round one, but I still think it might be a mistake and you should leave it for a project at the end, it’s easier to wait than to remove the window and repair the structure if you decide after that it wasn’t such a good decision….

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    1. The window that is going at the top is a triangle. Major projects: the back needs a gable and the side needs an addition. Besides that, we are going to start back on the inside again this weekend. A new deck is going on the front. The back deck,
      the small one, is coming down because it’s old and will be joined with the other one we built last year. Then we need a shed and gardens, a new kitchen and a new bathroom. I expect the whole project to be done in about 3 to 4 years.. and oh ya lets not forget we need to put siding on it… This is a complete over hall.

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