Putting on The Gable Part 2

After the long Saturday night and getting to bed at midnight, Sunday morning came and we rolled out of bed.

Breakfast was made, having had Peach Pie for dinner the night before, we needed something in our stomach to hold us through what was going to be another long day.


Everything we had put up the night before to cover the front of the house, now had to be taken down. I called that problem number one. Then there was Problem number two. There was a 35% chance of rain for the afternoon.


This all needs to come down.



Before we started opening everything up, we headed into town to buy a very large trap just in case the weatherman was right.

Taking everything down was fast, which is what I have learned in the construction field seems to be normal, fast coming down. Slow going up.


Back to open in 30 minutes.


Now that we had everything open. It was time to build the wall and put in the frames for the doors and windows.


To the left is where the new door will go and to the right is where the old window was before we took the front off. There will be a new window there 42 inches by 52 inches.


Halfway through, as predicted by the weatherman, came the rain. No time to stop and let the weather slow us down, with most of the work being done on the inside of the house, husband and I kept working.

The pain in the butt was that every time we had to cut a piece of wood, it was in the front yard or as husband said in the beep-beeping rain.

And the rain just kept lasting. Two hours later the rain finally stopped, and after many cuts and many trips up and down the ladder, we had the framing done.

It was dark again by the time we had the plywood up and covered the front of the house.


20180604_073711 (1)
Taken the next morning.


Clean up started at dark and took some time. The rain had made all the tools and the floor muddy. It was 11 Pm when we headed to the shower and had a Blueberry Pie that night for dinner. But the gable and the framing were done and sealed off.

After all that work the next weekend, we came up and put in the door and the temporary stairs in.


The new door.


The new door and temporary stairs.


After those three very tiring days, we made a decision. Sundays are now fun days. No more construction at the cottage on Sundays, useless it’s an emergency. It’s time to start to enjoy the Love Shack.

Romeo was the first to reap the reward of that decision.


Daddy and Romeo went out to play some frisbee and some ball.


Rome playing ball with daddy.


The Building Inspectors comes on Friday. Hopefully, all will be well and we can put those window in when they come in. And hopefully, we can get the shingles on the roof this Saturday. No rain, please.