Wednesday Through The Lens, Week Eleven

What a difference some hard labor and some love can make.


This was the Love Shack the Summer of 2016


I laid in bed the other morning and realized that we have officially changed the Love Shack forever. All along we have upgraded her insides but now that we have cut open her roof and opened up the front wall. She is still our Lady, but she has been changed.

I would say she had a facelift.



20180604_073711 (1)
Spring of 2018


She is still passing on her gifts. The old windows from the house have been donated to our Weekend Warrior Sherri’s son, who makes beautiful Coffee Tables out of them.

The new windows have been ordered and we are excited to have them coming in by the end of this month.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Through The Lens, Week Eleven

  1. Your strength, the amount of love you have, your drive, your sensitivity, your vision are very good qualities. I admire you for what you have endured, and your will to keep going and keep a positive outlook on life.

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