Wednesday Through the Lens Week Ten

With the next few blogs being about the gable we are in the process of finishing off, it seems that this was a good place to put the reason for the gable being put on.

We did this:

The Gable is up and the front part of the wall was taken off.


To get this view:


This is my view standing at the front of the house when we opened up the wall. This is also where the sunsets.


And this is what all that work is for.


The Sky.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Through the Lens Week Ten

  1. To answer that question. The front without the gable does not leave enough headroom to put in a door. That means when we build a front deck to be able to sit out there, we have to come from the back of the house to the front. If all goes well we will be adding the deck this year.

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