Putting on The Gable Part One

If I told you I didn’t know how to begin describing this day, that would be an understatement. We have a had a lot of challenges in building the Love Shack, but I would say on this one, I have learned a new respect for tradesmen called Framers.

We were blessed with helping hands again, Barry and Johnny came out to help us and also Tonu and Rob who you have not met before, and Vania, who was my right-hand girl right to dark.

Before anything can be added new, something old has to come off. In our case, it was the roof.

John, Barry, Rob and Enrico opening up the roof.


After the roof was opened. Next came opening up the front of the house. Where we discovered that the house had been yellow and brown at one time.


Starting to frame the roof and opening up the front of the cottage.


John looking very serious about opening up that wall.




By the time the roof was open and the front of the house was ready to work on, it was already lunchtime. It was time for a barbeque and time to assess. Vania and I had lunch ready and the beers were cold.


Time to talk out the plan.



Rob and Tonu taking a step back to look


After lunch, the guys set out to start the gable. It was interesting on my part to listen to the men talk. Not only did they lend their much-needed hands, but also their years of experience and knowledge.

Watching them work and how many cuts it took to get just the right angle for each board to support the gable was astonishing and my new-found respect for frames came into play.

By supper time, our guys all had places they had to be. We thanked them for the work they had done. They had put in eight long hours and still had drives home to do and that’s when Enrico’s second team took over. Vania and I.


The guys had gotten the right side of the gable in before home called. When Vania and I went up on the ladders to help Enrico finish the gable.


Just before sunset, the gable was up and the front wall was down.

We have a gable, no roof, and no walls…


The sun was starting to set when we were putting up the plywood.



Both sides are up.


The sunset at 9:20 PM. We got the traps on the roof and sent Vania home, it was dark and she was tired.

But… We still had the front of the cottage open. We could not leave it open all night. The weather report was calling for a chance of showers and that little problem called raccoons and the spiders were not who I was planning on spending the night with.

It was now dark and we were still working. Our Neighbor Larry came over and held the trouble light for us. Enrico and I put up the plywood and a trap to cover the front.


Shot from the inside of the house.




I shot this the next morning. It was too dark to shoot it that night.


At 11PM, we finished, hit the shower and had peach pie for dinner, and then climbed into bed. Tomorrow was going to be another long day. The plywood had to come down and the wall had to be framed in for the door and the new windows.

Satisfied with a hard days work and barely the energy to kiss good night, we had a race to see who could fall asleep first. He tells me I won, my minutes.

To our Warriors, we could have never done this in one day without you. Thank you does not come close to enough.














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  1. It may well only be the beginning but still a lot of hard work. Still, it is looking good and it will definitely be worth it in the end. And – now that I have come to the end of the post, I need to go rest :o)

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