Preperation For The Gable

It’s an exciting day today here at the Love Shack. The big ugly blue garage bin has been delivered.


The big blue garbage bin was delivered today.


The supplies have been taken up and are ready for the Warriors. The grocery shopping has been done and I am ready to feed eight hard workers.


The permit has been put on the front of the house and the weatherman has said… Clear skies and warm for Saturday. And most importantly… the beer has been chilled.


So what is going to happen?

First, we have to remove the roof in the area that the gable is going in. Not just the shingles, the actual roof has to be cut out.


The roof and wall will be opened up about 6 inches to the right of the small window and 6 inches to the left of the large window.



Then frames need to be built and put in to replace the old roof.  Then a new roof has to be put on.

The front wall of the house is coming off. When the front of the house comes off, the new front wall will be built and that will include putting in a new door and new windows.

The windows have been ordered, but we have a lovely door. For the first time in her seventy-six years, the Love Shack will have a front door.

This past weekend we were blessed with a nice visit from the original owners of the cottage, who came over for a tour of what we have done in the past two years.  They will be up this coming weekend and we are expecting a visit to see the gable coming on.

It seems we are not the only ones excited to put in the gable. Since we posted the permit, we have had a steady supply of neighbors coming by to ask what is happening next. It’s nice to hear their stories of how the Love Shack was part of their growing up, with sleepovers and visiting the family who grew up with our cottage.

It is also nice to hear how happy everyone is about the Love Shack, getting her much-needed love in rebuilding her and redesigning her.

It seems she has been a place of love, long before we named her the Love Shack.




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