Wednesday Through The Lens Week Eight

In keeping with our motions, here is another then and now picture.

It’s Spring and it’s time to mow the lawn.

Here is our poor lawn after all the water damage and having to dig up the front yard two Springs in a row.

Goodbye to the grass


Next came in the backhoe and leveled the yard.


The ground was filled and leveled.


To our neighbor’s delight, we were able to seed in the Fall and we came up this Spring to find the grass growing in well this year.


We went from no grass to … Where do you buy a goat…


With the help of the lawn mower, the neighbors have a decent view to look at.


Now that’s a lawn.


After many compliments on how lovely the lawn looks, I didn’t have the heart to tell the neighbors that in less than two weeks, the big blue ugly dumpster is being delivered.

The building permits have been issued and the Gable is going on and the front of the house is coming off.


Let them enjoy the nice lawn.






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