Happy Anniversary to The Love Shack


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It’s hard to believe it’s only been two years since we bought the Love Shack. So much has been done and so many memories have already been made, that it seems that she has been in our lives much longer.

We have seen so much change in our lovely little cottage and also in our cottage neighborhood.

In the past two years, fifteen of the cottages have been sold. This as brought us, new neighbors and new friends.  It has also made the point that the cottage is on, on the lake, a very busy place with lots of construction going on.

Renovations and personal touches are being added to the newly purchased cottages and invitations to come over and see what we are doing, have become the norm for our little cottage country.

Like our new neighbors, we are back at work.

This week the applications and drawings were submitted to add the gable to the front of the cottage. The big blue garage bin is set to be delivered and the Warriors are getting warmed up to take the roof off and build the gable the first weekend in June.

Vania and I did the trip up to the cottage to strip the beds and get the lines ready for the first-weekend stay, where we met our newest neighbor who also has a dog. We are hoping Romeo has a new friend.

We were pleasantly surprised at the difference between opening up this year over last. It was toasty warm and dry in the house. That new insulation we put in last year made a  huge difference.

We stocked up some of the cupboards with the general supplies and my car is already packed for the next trip, only a few days away.

With the first real trip made to the cottage, I can now say Spring is officially here. Happy Anniversary to the Love Shack and Boy have I missed you.


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