Wednesday Through the Lens Week 6

As much as looking back to see the changes in the Love Shack are fun to do. There is someone who loves the Love Shack the most. It’s the place where he sees all his favorite people, who come up to visit him. And if you don’t believe they come up just to see him,  then ask him.

Here is a wow. Look at the difference in these set of pictures.


Here’s the baby.

Romeo at two and half months and 22 lbs.

baby romeo
The Day he came home with Mommy


And Last month checking on the cottage, now a year and nine months old. 100 lbs of Love.


romeo 11
Romeo up at the cottage checking to make sure all his toys are fine over the winter.


Also an update on his knee surgery. He is doing great. He is running and playing again and can’t wait to get to the Love Shack in another week.

Next weekend we are going up to open up and spend our first weekend of the year at the Love Shack. Romeo is excited.

He dances every time he sees me pack something. He has learned that when mommy put something in the laundry basket in the guest room, it means it goes to the cottage. And if stuff is going to the cottage, that means, so is Romeo.

Well, it’s Cottage Season, my most favorite time of the year. And here we go again.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Through the Lens Week 6

  1. Next, Romeo will be jumping into the laundry basket because it is soft and cozy and waiting there until you’re ready to head out for the Victoria Day holiday. Basket has to be pretty big though. 🙂


  2. You made me laugh. The morning routine here is funny on go to the cottage day. Romeo watches me move all the stuff from the guest room to the front door and runs to the window to watch daddy load up the trailer. He then runs back and forth from the door to the window. The stuff gets loaded, mommy gets the food in the cooler and daddy comes to put his lead on. By this time he is dancing. Into the car, crack the window down and he starts dancing on the back seat for the first five minutes of the drive, then we get kisses and he sits down to look out the window. It’s the same every time.


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