Wednesdays Through the Len

They say a picture can replace a thousand words. Here at Building the Love Shack, we decided to share some pictures that have not been in a blog post. The way we are going to do this is by adding an addition to our blog called ” Wednesdays Through the Len”.

Instead of using a thousand words, I’ll share a picture taken by one of us, and add a small description of the photograph, giving a visual journey of the Love Shack.

The pictures will include everything and anything that includes our journey, cottage life and the Love Shack.

Since this is the first of it the new posting, we thought the best place to start was at the beginning.

This is the cottage as we purchased her on May 13th, 2016.

She was originally going to be called the Lady Slipper after my orchid collection. We spent one day there with our friends taking down the walls and she got named the Love Shack.


cottage before construction


3 thoughts on “Wednesdays Through the Len

  1. It looks cute and cozy. Look at that green grass. I forgot what Spring looks like and all that green grass. Everything is still so blah and lifeless looking around here. You have to do something to celebrate the anniversary in May.

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