Winter Check-up on the Love Shack

Every month we take a trip up to see our Lady and make sure she is weathering fine. We check the heat, the water lines, the roof, the windows and doors.


rom and daddy
Romeo and Daddy checking on the Love Shack


This weekends visit, checking the windows and door was much easier than last months.

When we approached the deck, the screen door was laying on the deck. It seems the wind and the cold were too much over the last snow storm and snapped the hinges in half.



blue door
The screen door


The plastic hinges that came with the door are not going to work for cottage country, we will need to be replaced with metal ones.  The door has been brought in to spend the rest of the winter in the house.

Besides that, our lady waits patiently for her family to return in two more months. She will be Seventy-three years old this Spring and we will be celebrating having her for two years. It seems like we have had her so much longer. She is so much a part of us.

Spring is looking better than last year all ready. As of yet, there doesn’t seem to be any other winter damage.

The weather forecast for Spring is calling for a wet one.  With that being the prediction, working in rain and mud not being a good idea when putting in a gable, we are pushing the gable project forward to June.

We will be on schedule to start the new projects in the Spring, only with a slight adjustment on what we start first. As we have learned over the past two years. This is what you do in cottage country. You can control many things, but not the weather.




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  1. I wonder if we will have a wet Spring as well – we had a lot of snow this Winter, over 60 inches. I know I should not complain when I hear about that third nor’easter in two weeks. Those poor folks in Boston.


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