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I remember when … OH boy… that was over ten years ago, when my friend Lee said, “You got to get on it. It’s fun. We play games and things. You will like it.”

She was right. Ten years ago it was fun. Ten years ago we joked with each other and played Farmville.

Today… Not so…

Yesterday a friend of mine share a Facebook Posting stating that basically everything you say or comment on, on Facebook gets turned into someone taking it personal and you end up on the attack end of your innocent posting.

I don’t respond to many thing I see, because of that reason. But yesterday, I did. I agree with that posting, but I also added this, If we were to be honest about postings, no one would ever speak to you again.

Somewhere along the line, what should have been social and fun, has turned into anything but.

I’m into the freedom of speech and everyone has right and all that wonderfulness. You have the right to express yourself, but…. The personal attacks that go on now have really become bad.

Many of my Facebook friends have no idea, that I have left them on my Facebook, but I don’t follow what they post. I’ll tell you why.

First I don’t do religion or politics. I respect them, but I don’t discuss them with many people. I watched the Clinton/Trump election. I couldn’t believe the behavior in people and truthfully, I lost respect for many people I know and have never regained it back. Not that it made a difference to me who they voted for, but the way they attacked each other and strangers. Still to this day that amazes me. Much worse, is the fact that the election is long over and it’s still going on.

That was just the start. But, it was also what got my attention, to pay attention.

With eyes wide open, I started noticing things.

The bullshit people post. Yes, I said bullshit.

Do they forget that most of the “friends” they have on Facebook have been around for a long time. We knew them when and were witness to. We were there when things were wrong. We were there when this now wonderful person that they are bragging about was anything but wonderful. We know the truth. And when you see the post, one has to ask… Who are you trying to convince? Me or You?

Please be assured, everyone is happy to see relationships improve. That’s wonderful… but remember.. some people know the whole truth.

I’m not sure when Facebook took over a personal message. In my world. It has not.

I don’t scroll down the page for more than a few minutes and I don’t bounce around looking at other people’s pages, so I miss, the birthdays, the deaths, the baby being born and the I’m having a bad day, so I’m not calling anyone post.

Which simply means… If I don’t hear from a person, I have no idea what is going on. I can only come to the conclusions, that you have decided that it’s not important enough for me to know and therefore I should not have to respond. I still believe in the telephone or a personal email. I also still respond to those.

I am a nurse. I have seen more naked people than I can count. And to be clear, most people don’t look that great naked. There is a reason fashion designer make so much money. Which brings me to… put your damn clothes on.

It’s great that you support this or are protesting that. But unless you look like a Centerfold or Brad Pitt… Know one wants to see any of your naked parts. Yes, if you have your clothes off in your pictures, I don’t follow you either. I really don’t want to know anyone that well.

Then the next one really gets me. I have three Facebook pages. One belongs to husband and two to me. I accept friends of friends on my pages. I accept co-worked. Friends parents etc… etc… etc… Both of my pages say I am married and a Reverend.

And yet, I get hit on and invited to go to another page to talk. Really…. If you can see the page and can read, how can you possible hit on a person you know nothing about? And would you even want to be in a relationship with me, if I accepted you hitting on me when I don’t know you and am married.

The final one that annoyances me…. Posting your business on a friends page without consent. First asking for permissions is still an acceptable standard in today’s society. And two… If you business is respectable and good, your friends will send you the reference.

While I am dropping hints…. If you have a Facebook page and someone you know sends a friend request and you don’t accept it… It does affect your relationship with them. They feel rejected by you. You should be aware of that. Consider that even social media has consequences.

I have found many old friends through Facebook… How? Through people who also know them… Which means… anyone can find you, even with closed accounts.

Before I finish off this post off, I would like to share a post I once seen. This one stays with me most. Back to that election… During a social media argument, this well-educated guy in his early twenties, dropped his pants and photographed his butt and put a very rude remark with it. He was just about to graduate with a degree in engineering and had not even changed his name or his info… All I could think of was, one day that one is going to bite you right where you are showing now.

I know as a boss, before I hired anyone… You go it … One of the things I looked at was their Facebook. I needed to see how you acted in public because you were taking care of my patients and trust goes a lot with presentation.

So on that note… I will post this on my Facebook.

Most of my “friends” don’t read my posting for my blog, so I know this won’t hit home to many of them. For all I know, they don’t follow me either.

The 2500 bloggers on multiple social medias who read my post … I’m sure will be able to relate to it.

And to answer the question why do I stay on it… That’s easy.. It’s convenient when we travel to send a message to the family and friends that we are safe and have arrived.

I follow many pages for cooking, blogging, Doberman pages, cottage pages and DYI pages.

I enjoy the postings when my friends travel and watching the cute pictures of their kids and dogs.  And then of course there is the personal email and group pages that we use.

So, Facebook still has its use. It’s just not the nice place it used to be ten-years ago when we played Farmville and joked with each other.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful  if it was. Unfortunately, Facebook has become a reflections of the standards of todays society.

On that happy note… No there is not any internet at the Love Shack….When we are there, Facebook is not allowed at the cottage.





13 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Facebook

  1. Wow, you did a good job and I have seen everything that you mentioned and when I tried to figure it out I just took a little break. Well it came to me during this short break.
    “people” and the idea that everyone is perceived equal and when the employee and the entrepreneur or Ph.D and their student are in the same place (Facebook) there is a sense of equality and same …good job

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  2. So True! Years ago we got mad when people gossiped about us, now most people post that same information that was thought of as gossip and get upset when their “Friends” do not comment on it. Go figure.

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  3. Ha ha – first, I want to thank you for following my blog and I am now following yours as well. I have been reading some of your posts, including the “About me” – wow, what a story that you have to tell … while it may not have seemed like it at the time, God was perched on your shoulder and still is. The Love Shack sounds cozy and homey and full of love …. the good, long-lasting variety, of friends and family, and sure not a throwback to that song circa late 80s. I had to stop and pause here to make a comment on this Facebook post because I am not a big fan of Facebook either and what I have done (shhhhh, I can tell you as none of my friends will read this) …is that people whom I’ve “friended” or have “friended me” have their posts turned off and I just onto their Facebook “walls” and catch up several times a week. That way I just blitz through the chatter and read the important things. I have a friend I’ve known since high school (I graduated in 1973) and she posts incessantly – all day long … if it is not politics related, it is about what she eats, or her sister eats, or her cats eat. She posts about taking out the garbage, scooping the three cats’ litterboxes, and on and on and on. She is not the only one. It just is so annoying. As to me, I’ve set my privacy settings so no one can post on my Wall, and I don’t post anything. If I see something I know will interest any of my Facebook friends, I send it as a personal message. I do like to follow the news as I don’t have TV and get all my news from the radio, so I like to match the pictures and videos to what I hear. But using Facebook in this manner, annoys Mr. Zuckerberg and his merry band of tech experts at Facebook. When they retooled Facebook recently, if I went to read the news, I get a message that says “if you made more friends here on Facebook, you would have more things to read” … what if I don’t want to? I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook – it is handy for the things that you like to read, and me as well – the rest of it, I can live without.

    I think you and I are going to get along just fine. The fact that we are both Canadian doesn’t hurt one bit either. I was born in Toronto in 1956, moved to Oakville at the age of 2 and my father got transferred from Ford of Oakville to Ford of Woodhaven, here in Southeast Michigan. That happened in 1966. I was 10. I’ve never become a citizen … I have no relatives here or back in Canada, but somehow I cling to my homeland, even though I quit saying “eh” a long time ago. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your post. I know those people who post about their food too. Dam at least put a recipe so it could be useful… I do believe we are going to like each other.. Thank you for following our blog.. I will keep following yours…

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      1. Hmmm – sometimes my friend Carol, if no one responds to her post about what she’s eating, she’ll launch into a recipe, whether someone asks for it or not. The one redeeming thing about Facebook is I did connect with people I graduated from high school with and lost contact through the years. Back in the day, we didn’t have cellphones and no social media, so we all drifted apart. Many of those friends are living out of state – very few still live in Michigan.

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