Romeo 3 Months after His Surgery

Yesterday in my blog I answered the questions that the bloggers have been asking me, all expect the most popular one which is: How is Romeo doing?

It’s been three months since Romeo had his surgery on his torn ligament and meniscus.

How is he doing? So far so good. He has gained full strength back in his leg and is walking and running on the leg. The leg looks weak, but is not. It’s supported well with the metal plates that are in it.

He is still attending his physio classes where he swims in the pool and goes on the treadmill.

Daddy and the doggie walker are both getting him out walking to build up the muscle in the leg again. Once he has regained his muscle mass, the leg will no look weak.

In the mean time, our house looks like doggie toy-land to keep him entertained.

He should be good for Spring to run on the beach and go back to swimming in the lake.


romeo 11
Romeo up at the cottage checking to make sure all his toys are fine over the winter.

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