Questions About the Warriors and The Blog Answered

I have been a very bad blogger. But, do I get credit for having really good excuses?

I have a few excuses.

The truth is I have been busy filling my Ten of Cups. What’s your Ten of Cups?



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Your Ten of Cups is areas of self fulfillment. It’s ten things in you life that gives you balance and pleasure. They can not be people but people can be included. So that’s my excuse and I’ll blog on some of them later this month, which includes some new experiences and you got it, travel. But for now… Back to the Love Shack.

So it’s March and only two months before constructions starts up again at the Love Shack. This year we have three new Warriors to add to our group , which we are very excited about.

We also realized with the new additions to the group, that husband has a 90% female team. That’s pretty awesome and proves ” women can do construction too.”

A couple of questions were asked to me by  bloggers about the Warriors.  I would like to answer those.

The first question about the Warriors is: Why don’t you tell much about them? The answer is Privacy. The Warriors agree to be included in the blog, but are not part of the blog. Some of them choose to share the blog post on their personal pages for their friends to see and share. Others, I don’t think even read the blog.

The second question was: The Warriors seem to change, do they all still come up to help? The answer to that is Yes and NO. The blog has real people on it and in life, things happen in people’s lives. They get busy, they get sick. They have their own things that they need to take care. Also, some of the Warriors came up for a one time help. Others were in relationships with one of the Warriors and those relationship didn’t work out. And sadly, sometimes, even long-term relationship with friends drift apart for reasons.

But at the Love Shack, if you were ever a Warrior. You are always a Warrior, and our appreciation for their time and help, will never be forgotten.

One other thing on this topic, just because you don’t see someone on a post doesn’t mean they were not helping. There are other ways to help, like doing the garage sale or shopping. And I have a golden rule, if I think it’s a bad picture of someone, I don’t post it. I wouldn’t like it done to me.


For your next questions, not about the Warriors but about the blog and the books.

Will I put up more recipes? Yes, I’m steadily working on The Cottage Cookbook. Each recipes you see is going into the cook book and has been tested on the family and friends. You don’t get it till it passes the taste test.

How is the book coming along? I am on my second edit of Only With Him. I have discovered that editing takes even more time than writing did. I am steadily working on the editing and am in the process of looking for a professional editor to take on the final edit.  I also have the idea for the second book to Only With Him, but one thing at a time.

And will you write more personal blogs like you did with “How to travel and still be friends” and the nursing ones?  Hummm… I really try to stay away from too much personal opinions on the blog. But yes, I will. But please, when you are responding… The Love Shack is about Love. No nasty comments will be approved or posted.

Thank you for your questions. I hope I answers your questions.

I love the interactions and Yes, I will blog…