Up Date on Romeo’s Surgery

Romeo at the Cottage on Jan 21, 2018


Since Romeo has become the Love Shacks Unofficial Mascot, it seems we should do and up date on his surgery.


Romeo is progressing well. It has been a month today since he had his surgery on his leg. He is doing well. He is walking and running (which he is not supposed to be).

He started his physiotherapy on Saturday. At first he wasn’t so sure about the water, but is now swimming and walking on the treadmill.

If all goes well, and we can get him to sit still (Ha Ha), he should be ready to be running around at the Love Shack for Spring.

The problem is, once they tear one ligament they have a 70% chance of tearing the other.

Pet insurance is a must… We are so glad we bought it when we got him.  His surgery ran over $7000 with surgery, medications and physio.

Buy Pet Insurance.

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