Spring Planning

I know what you’re thinking… How can they possibly be working on the Love Shack, it’s Mid-January and the Cottage is closed.

That’s true, but it is also not the way it works.

We went up yesterday to check on the Love Shack. It was a foggy day at the lake. The temperature hit 4 Celsius. With the lake frozen and the warm front passing over, it was eerily quiet. And strikingly, beautiful.

The Fog coming off the Lake



There wasn’t a car in sight and the only foot prints found, were those of the rabbits.


No one else around.


The snow had melted down with the recent warm front that blew through, and the grass on the front lawn was showing.


The grass showing through the snow.


The temperature in the house was a whopping 2 Celsius. Yes, it was warmer outside than in. Which brings us to the first thing on the Honey To Do List. We need to add to this years plan, on the Spring List, to finish the insulation in the main room.

We turned on the Cast Iron Stove to check its operation and blow out any built up dust, and all was well. The hydro got checked. The pipes were checked, and again all was well. There are no leaks in the roof and no critter dropping to be found and the fuel tank was full. Hallelujah… So far, no fixes needed.

This puts us on the get ready for Spring List.

First project is, ordered the building permits. I was told when we got the Variance, if we want a Spring Permit…Ordered in February.

The window and door company also said, if you want them for Spring, Order in March. That means, it’s time to get out the catalog for the window company and start planning  for that.

We also had to arrange with the Weekend Warriors, a date to have the large group up for the Gable in the Front that is going on this year. We have a date picked for May 5th and a Rain date for the 19th. As it stand right now, we have nine going up. Three for, on the roof, and the rest on the ground. If all goes well, we can have it done in one day.


This year projects are also planned to put the Barn Board up behind the Cast Iron Stove, insulate the front wall and dry wall, after the new windows and doors go in.

The kids got us a larger TV for our bedroom for Christmas, which has to be out up, and furniture for the main room is also on the list. Which means, more shopping.

We are also hoping to put in the front deck this year ( Summer project).

It’s a lot to do and a lot to organize, and Yes, it’s only Mid-January and, Here We Go Again.