2017, A Year To Remember

With the New Year only a few days away, it’s now that time to take look back at 2017.

This year, Our Lady gave us some challenges.

We opened her up with a full tank of water in our holding tank. Unfortunately for us, it should have been empty, as it was not used all winter. Which took us on a water journey.

When we had the back-hoe come in and we found out that our pipes in the ground were broken, and had to be replaced.


The water leaking from the pipes in the ground.


While under the house, repairing the water problem in the ground, we found out all the supporting blocks holding up the cottage, were cracked and had to be replaced. The cottage had to be jacked up and all the supporting blocks were replaced.

And the water issue kept coming.

The old leak in the roof, destroyed the bathroom and hall.


Years of water damage from the roof leaking.


Winter took havoc on the tree, and it had to come down.


tree 1
The sad old tree.


While repairing the hallway and the bathroom, we found some very old and dangerous wiring, over the door, which was our only exit out. This too, all had to be repalaced.


The bad wiring found in the door frame.


The plans for the year of constructions at the Love Shack, were re-adjusted.


The new pipes went in the ground. The front yard was re-leveled and the front lawn was re-seeded.

The Grass came in and the front lawn no longer looked like a scene from a scary movie.


The new bathroom and hall were built.

The new ceiling and lighting.


The new hall in the cottage.


With the tree taken down, the old suburbs were pulled out and a new deck went in.

Which Romeo worked hard supervising.


Romeo supervising the construction of the new deck


The new deck was added.


We were able to start getting back on track, and built the new fire pit.

The fire pit is five foot around made from Allen Block.


The Love Shack was ready. It had heat, water and hydro. After a year and half of work, we got to spend our first weekends and week at the cottage.


While staying there, the new lighting got put in, and I could see in the kitchen. That was a happy moment. No more cooking and cleaning in the dark.


Lights in the Kitchen were added


A light was put in the main room.

Light in the main room


The front door got sanded and re-painted.


The Blue Door


Along the way,  we stopped to play.


We celebrated Romeo’s first birthday.

Romeo’s Birthday Cake


Had the Annual Weekend Warrior Barbecue


Getting ready for the Squirt Gun and Water Balloon Fight.


group shot wet
The group looking wet and tired after running around in the field after the water fight.


We had lots of weekend stay overs with the Warriors, where Romeo made his new best friend.

20170806_215529 (1)
Noah and Romeo after a log day of play.


There were bon-fires and barbecues, and some very good wine.

A cottage warning gift.


This past year, Our Lady gave us challenges. She also gave us some wonderful memories.

We had time with the family, and time with the friends. We had an opportunity to get to know more of the cottagers and make some new friends.

In all and all, she gave us an extension of our life, and for that we are grateful to the Love Shack.

And now it’s back to the draft board. It’s time to start working on the plans for 2018. With Spring only a few months away….. Here We Go Again!