Romeo’s Christmas Surgery

I am running a bit behind on the blogging and I apologize for that. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

Christmas in our house was a bit heck-trick, this year. We had four days of Christmas Dinners with five days of cooking.  Work was busy and an unplanned surgery for Romeo.


Romeo in his new Winter Coat


Romeo was booting through the dog park, running at full speed, having a wonderful time, when suddenly he stopped running and lifted his hind leg. This followed with a trip straight to the vets. Followed by another trip to the vets the next day for x-rays.

The x-ray showed a small tear in his rear ligament in his knee. At this point we were told one of two things would happen, he would heal on his own or tear it completely.

After a few days of watching him limp around on pain medications, it was time to see the surgeon.

No, it did not heal on its own, he tore it completely.

Surgery was scheduled on the twenty-second.

After almost two hours of surgery, we got the news. He not only tore his ligament in his knee, he also tore is meniscus.

Romeo had a steel plate put in his knee and is now on multiply medications. Mommy and daddy are sharing the care and have schedule our work day off so someone is home with him at all times.

He is on medications that are given every two hours.  He has to have a sling put on when ever he goes up or down stairs. He is not allowed to run or jump or do stairs for three months.

He has three more doctors appointments, four trips to physio and daily physio at home, that has to be done fours times a day.

How is he doing you ask? He is doing great. He doesn’t seem to want to follow directions regarding no running or jumping. This means, leash and sling both on, when he needs to go outside.

Besides that, he has had steady visitors, all bring gifts. He is getting all kinds of love and home cooked meals.

Romeo should be fine for Spring, and he will be healed in time to head back to the Love Shack.

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  1. Ms Zulu had an ACL surgery and tibia fracture a couple of years back. It was.a difficult recovery but worth it as she is able to run again on all four legs. Hope Romeo will recover without a problem.

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  2. All my love to Romeo.when I was a child my grandparents had two of those dogs as guard dogs mainly but to me they were play mate.they are strong animal but also can be very delicate.get well soon Romeo❤️


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