Weekend Warriors Winter

So many times I get asked, what do the Weekend Warriors do over the Winter, and do you see each other?

The answer to that is yes, we do see each other over the Winter. We actually have scheduled dates and events.

This past weekend was the Girls Weekend/ Christmas Shopping Trip.

We spent three days in Buffalo NY doing the shop till you drop.


We had lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory.


cheese cake factory

The food was so good, and came in such large portions, we took our Cheesecake back to the hotel and had it for dinner. Yes, that’s right, we had cheesecake for dinner.


After lunch we stopped by to visit an old friend.


Me, with Vania, Chris and Sherri and of course Santa


By the time it was over, all four of us were so tired that walking became a chore. But, we did manage to make it to the hot tub and have a few cocktails before we hit the hay. The next morning we were up, to do it all again.

With two cars full from shopping, it was time to head home.


The Warriors are now getting busy with Christmas and family, but we do see each other again in January for a night of Rock-en-Bowl.


Mary and Sherri at Rock-en-Bowl 2017


20170128_220138 (1)
Chris is up to bowl with Vania watching on and Mary keeping an eye on lane 2


Carlos, hamming it up at Rock-en Bowl 2017


March, we get together for a Casino and Dinner Night. May is the Chocolate Run, which is a 5 k walk. We also have other events that we do throughout the year including a Horse Racing Night, the Annual Barbecue, the Halloween Dinner Party and the Drive-in Night.

I would say, the Warriors are a pretty tight-knit group.

The cottage is closed up, but the Warriors, continue with being the Warriors no matter what the season is.


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