The Last Project of the Season

Wow it’s Mid-November… It seems like only weeks ago we were excited to open up the cottage and get back to work.

We were excited to stay at the Love Shack for the first time. To build our first bonfire. To have a shower and a bathroom that worked.

And here we are only a week from closing our lady up for the winter.

Time and extra projects got to lead the way, with us following behind, to get as much done as we could. Now our final project for this year is done.

We insulted the ceiling, ran the proper electrical, added a light switch and hung a light  in the main room.


Light in the main room


It seems lighting was a big focus this year.


There was a new one for the bedroom.


light bd 1
Bedroom light


The kitchen a got a new light.


Lights at night in the kitchen


The bathroom got a new light.


The new ceiling and lighting.


And even the door, got a new light.


blue door
New light at the door.


So its seems, we can now see in the Love Shack with all the new lighting.

Soon comes my most un-favorite time of the years. We will be turning off the lights next week at the cottage. It’s time to go up and close her up for the winter. I hate that part, not that I mind the work, it’s just that I miss her.

Our Lady, the Love Shack, has become a friend. She is not just a place we go, but a place we breathe differently. She helped us see the light. The sunlight, the moonlight and the lights from the stars.






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