Tick Tock, Turn Back the Clock

 Day Light Savings Time


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Last night we all turned back the clock by one hour. Like most people, I was excited about getting that extra hours sleep.

Except…. Like most people, I have a regular sleep time and get up time. My body does not recognize that it can sleep an hour longer, maybe if it had a been a work day, when I get up earlier, but not on the days off.

And so, being my day off, what I really got was not an extra hour sleep, but an extra hour to work around the house.

Along with the extra hour of house work, I also got an extra hour of darkness.

I don’t think I am a fan of this whole turn the clock ahead thing. Winter is long enough with shortened day light time. I don’t think I like loosing an hour of day light.


Did anybody actually get that extra hour of sleep?

5 thoughts on “Tick Tock, Turn Back the Clock

  1. I’ll admit, I have never found a good explanation for why we make it so we have an extra hour of daylight in the summer, when the days are already long. Seems like we should be “saving” daylight for an extra hour of light during the winter when the days are shorter.


    1. P.S. Ideally, we wouldn’t change the clock at all! The length of day changes slowly with seasons, giving our bodies time to get used to it. The sudden change just feels confusing.


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