7 Day Black and White Challange

Just before I left for a short little mini trip to Salem Massachusetts, a blog I will be doing  for Halloween, I was challenged by leigha66 ( leigharobbins.wordpress.com ) to take the 7 Day Black and White Challenge. She had asked me to do it of the Love Shack and I always keep my promise.

With a little playing around in Print Shop here is Photograph One of the Seven.

The Cottage the first weekend when we were getting ready to gut it.


the bin was deleived 2
May 2015





5 thoughts on “7 Day Black and White Challange

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. I read your story and loved it. You have been through so much, but you’ve come through with flying colors. That is very inspiring. I could relate to much of what you wrote, especially your getting sick and dealing with work, and also the story of your sweet dog. My husband and I have been through that with two dogs, and I’ve been knocked down by illness. So far, my husband has stayed healthy, thank God.. I’m so impressed by your tenacity and hope. Thank you!


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