The View From The Front of The Cottage

The season is changing and it’s my favorite time of the year, Fall. I love the colors and the warm days with the cool nights.

As I looked into the celebration of Fall which is traditionally the Harvest Season, I was able to find them in many countries. These included: Africa, Asia, India, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, The Americas, South America and The Caribbean.

Each had their own traditions and ways that they celebrate. Here in North America, Fall is traditionally Pumpkin Season, Thanksgiving and Halloween Celebrations.

There is also the changing of the leaves and the one no one ever seems to mention, the changing of the Sunset Colors.

When most people think of the cottage. They think of the view of the lake. Being a Fall person, I look for the view of the trees and the sky.

All summer long we had the green of nature to look at, but come the Fall you get a different view from the front of the cottage.

Next year we will be putting in the gable, and the new door and windows in the front of the cottage. There will also be a porch built to sit on. The reason for the porch is the view.

I shot these pictures at 7 Pm at night. The Fall Sunset was amazing. I look forward to sitting, looking out the window or on the porch next year to look at this:

There is no color enchantment done to the pictures, the way they are, is the way it looked.


My direct view



The Sky was amazing.




Just perfect.










10 thoughts on “The View From The Front of The Cottage

  1. Today I challenge you to the 7 days 7 photos black and white challenge. Maybe we can see a different side to the Love Shack. If you can’t do it I understand. Information is here Hope you can join in on the fun! 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous view. It’s amazing when we really think of all the colors God could’ve used in a sunset but He chose the most amazing ones and every chance we get we marvel at His amazing work.


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