We Have Grass

Having grass sounds like, doesn’t everyone have grass, what’s the big deal?

Not at the Love Shack. The last two years, the front lawn, like the rest of the cottage has been under construction.

The water issues have had the front lawn dug up a few times.

First to put in the new cistern.


A New Cistern being placed.


Leaving behind the big pile of dirt.


The big dirt pile, other wise known as the former front lawn.


Then, again this Spring when the lid had shifted on the holding tank and we found out the pipes to the holding tank needed to be replaced.


The leaking lid April this year.



4 ” proper piping was put in the ground running from the house to the holding tank.


After five yards of soil was delivered and leveled, we had a brown front yard.


The ground is filled and leveled.


The next project was to rake up and loosen the soil and three large bags of grass seed was laid on top and raked into the new soil.

After that it was the waiting game with Mother Nature, who gave us tons of rain in the Spring and none in the end of Summer.


And finally on our trip up this past weekend, we had a front yard that was actually green.


The Grass is growing in.


As happy as we were to see the grass, we also had to laugh. You got it, another lawn that had to be mowed.


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  1. Happy new garden! I remember many years ago (when I lived in a different climate) seeding the lawn. It was brown brown brown then one day I looked out and suddenly it was green. Perhaps all your neighbors and you could share a goat?

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