A Bathroom Worthy of a Cottage

This weekend we finally had time to do the finishing touches on the bathroom from hell.

It’s hard to believe we went from the bathroom from hell, to the pictures perfect little bathroom.

Lets look back to when the bathroom was discovered to having a rotted floor and ceiling that was coming down.


The lovely bathroom from before:


Years of water damage from the roof leaking.



The Rocking Boat Toilet



Underneath that carpet was a 2 foot by 3 foot spongy mess of rotting floor.


With the bathroom gutted except the tub, the sink and mirror, we had to start with the basics. First it was removing the rocking toilet, to discover the hole under it. The one  that we still can’t believe that no one fell through.

Next came down the old framing and out went the old window. With new framing added and a new window in, we were able to put in the new wiring.

Then the dry wall was put up, followed by the panel board and then the floor.

Husband set to work on painting the room while I did my first DYI projects.  I painted the bathtub and the old mirror. Creativity hit me, and next it was the door on the sink basin and then the door handles for the cabinets.

And finally we got to decorate added some of the cottage warming gifts we had received and the wall decorations we bought in Mexico in February.

The bathroom from hell is now a fond memory,  and here is the new bathroom:


The new toilet and cabinet.



The old mirror that had yellowed with time, is now blue along with the old cabinet door.



The old bathtub with a new coat of paint.



The new ceiling and lighting.



Some decoration from Mexico.



A new window and blinds.




And a lovely new floor.


We have a bathroom, now worthy of being at a cottage.









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    1. LOL… About planting.. I have a holding garden started up there for my perennials… it won’t be another 2 years before I can actually make a garden… I am so happy to have the bathroom… the old one made me cringe every time I walked in there.

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