Welcome to the Cottage

When you think about decorating your home or your cottage, most people don’t think much about the front hall, yet, the front hall is the first impression when someone enters the house.

For the past two years, every time I walked in the cottage door, my first impression was, I wonder when this thing is going to fall down on my head.

Standing on the deck with the door open, the entrance to the cottage seemed like a scary place to walk into.

Lets take a look back at what it was like:


hall 1
The ceiling in the hall was destroyed by the water damage from the leaking roof.



hall 2
The ugly aged purple door.



This window had an inch gap that did not close, allowing drafts and spiders to come in.



The bad wiring found in the door frame.



this one
And lets not forget, the board hanging on the left side is the actual piece of wood that belongs in the top of the door frame, where you can see the wire we found in the door frame.


The old window was taken down along with the walls. The old floor was pulled up. The wiring was re-done.  The walls were properly insulated and new dry wall was put up. The door was stripped and repainted. Fresh paint was put on the walls and trim.

A new pocket-light was put in. Followed by a new floor. And last but not least, the picture I bought for the cottage the first week we bought it was finally hung.

Now when you open the front door, it is no longer a scary place to enter, instead, it is welcoming to come in.


The New Hall in the Cottage.





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  1. You are inspiring me. I’m looking to move. Maybe I need to do something like this. I couldn’t find a way to follow you but I saved your page so I can find you again.


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