Un-invited Visitors

It was Saturday night, I had worked the day shift, then drove out to the cottage.  I made dinner for husband, Romeo and myself then sat down at the table to put my feet up with good book, when suddenly, I seen a shadow.  At first I glanced at it and then ignored it, when suddenly the shadow moved again.

I quickly got out of my chair, because I had a huge, two-inch spider near me. Now normally, when a spider see you and you stand up, the spider runs for its life. Not this spider, this spider ran at me.

That was the beginning of the war.

First, being a non-fan of spiders, my first instinct was to run like hell. And so I did, giving the monster spider time to escape.  Not this spider, he or she decided to come more at me.



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He kind of looked like this one.

Out came the can of Raid.

I sprayed this spider three times and that damn thing was not going down without a fight. Finally, I slowed it down and could get near it and stepped on it, putting it out of my misery.

Now, I confess, it freaked me out a little bit, that is one type of guest who is not invited to the cottage. After that, I decided it was time to take my book and head to the bed.

Then suddenly, I am laying in bed and I can hear what sounds like a chewing noise.

Oh no, Please don’t tell me we have a mouse in the new walls, was my first thought. As cute as I think they are, they can cause serous damage to the electrical wires and if they should die in the wall, the only way to get rid of the rotting mouse smell, is to open the walls.

So I did what many women do, I called Husband to come and listen.

At first he told me he wasn’t hearing anything. Then I made him stay, and sure enough he could hear it too, but it wasn’t coming from the wall, but under the house.

So I sent my brave husband out in the dark, with a flash light, to see what was chewing on something under or on the house.

As it turned out, a family of bunnies had moved in under the cottage. They thankfully were not chewing the house but were chewing on sticks under the house.

I guess they decided we were the un-invited guest, as they scampered off into the field.



Image result
The definitely looked like this one.





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    1. I use the shop vac to get rid of them normally. But this nasty guy wasn’t giving me time to get the vacuum. Normally, the Love Shack is kept pretty Green when it comes to chemicals because of the lake.


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