Ceiling to Floor

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. OK, a trip to the bathroom from hell, which equals something that resembles a flash back into nightmare lane.

The Reno that gave us no choice because of the leaking bathroom ceiling, the rotted floor and the toilet that almost fell through the floor.

And so we started with the bathroom ceiling, which looked liked this:

Years of water damage from the roof leaking


Now looks like this:

New ceiling, new lights and yes, those are new walls you are seeing in the back ground.


Remember the bathroom floor? It looked like this:


Underneath that carpet was a 2 foot by 3 foot spongy mess of rotting floor.


It now looks like this:

New Floor and Goodbye rocking boat-toilet.


The Rocking Boat Toilet


Not bad so far…. How about that hallway? Do you remember this?


hall 1
The ceiling in the hall had the same issues as the bathroom.


Now looks like this, and we added a pocket light in the hall.


The new hall ceiling and are you seeing those walls? Aren’t they awesome…


Remember these ones? Ya me too…

hall 2
 The scary walls.


And the new hall floor looks like this….

Pretty new floor.


Did you notice something else in the pictures? How about sunlight? Why husband did the final touches on the floors and trip this weekend, I did the nasty job of cleaning off twenty-five years of dirt and grim from the windows and took down all the old screens and ditched them. I won’t try to describe what the water looked liked, but I will share with you that they must have been smokers and I had to dump the water bucket after I did every two windows. YUCK….


Did you notice that I also did not give you full shots of the hall or bathroom? That because next weekend is our Wedding Anniversary (two years after our trip to Riley Lake when we said, we should buy a cottage) and we plan to go up to the cottage to decorate those rooms.

In that blog I will show you the final touches of the temporary bathroom and hall, which will be taken down in two years for the addition. It’s so pretty I hate the thought of taking it down, but the new one will be bigger and the new Reno does not require having a hall, which is a waste of floor space.

In that blog, I will also show you my first DYI protect, where I painted the bathtub.

On closing, I have to confess to standing in the doorway looking at the new hall and bathroom, several times, and doing a Happy Dance… Goodbye to the Bathroom and Hallway from Hell….


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