And Then There Was Light

I know, I keep promising to blog and then something else comes up and well, it just doesn’t happening.

Now that I am finally sitting still, my thoughts are giving me time to look at what has been going on at the Love Shack.

This years construction has been a lot different from last years. Last year, we had many small things that lasted a day or weekend and it was completed. This years projects are much bigger and take more time.

Last year, we had a lot of hands on deck. This year the Warriors have been busy with many of their own things, so Husband and I have been doing much more with just the two of us. The truth is, most of what we are doing now, is only a one or two person job, partially because, we are also doing things that are in smaller spaces.

The big stuff, like lifting the house and putting new blocks under the house, was a Brad and Husband thing, that turned into three weekends. The plumbing repair and installations took them another three weekends.

The tree down, was a three-man job and another two-man job, plus another weekend was spent building the deck and the fire-pit. The girls came up in the Spring and did some painting.

We had the help when we needed it, but we also have been spending some husband and wife time, building the Love Shack.

The past few weekends  we have been working on the hall and the new bathroom. Unlike working at home, when you only have the weekend to do work, it takes much longer to do each thing because of letting the tape and putty dry on the dry wall or waiting for the coats of paint to dry.

In between we have been getting the other things done.

Now that the front yard has been leveled, the grass seed has been planted and we are hoping to have a front lawn next year.

The last of the old beams have been taken down and the rest of the wiring has now been ran with extended wire for when we put on the addition.

The framing for the entrance to the main-room door has been made twelve inches higher, so no more ducking when you come in for the tall guys.


The whole ceiling is now open.



And I have light over the kitchen sink.


The lights over the sink.


It is really nice to have the lights. With day light ending sooner and darkness coming faster, doing dishes has become much easier.


Lights at night.


The wiring and the walls in the hall and bathroom have been replaced, along with the ceilings. New sub floors have been put in.

Last weekend, the bathroom and hall got painted. We still need to add the new flooring and trim, and finish the decorating. That will happen over the next two weekends. Leaving the plans for Thanksgiving Weekend to insulate the last of the main-room.

There are other things we would like to get done this year, but Summer is run out and Fall weather is hitting the Love Shack fast. We will have to see how warm it is before we can plan each project.

The team is booked for May of 2018, with many hands on deck, to put in the gable in the front of the  house.

I will soon have the pictures of the new bathroom and hallway. In the mean time, its back to the Love Shack, the flooring awaits.