Weekend Warriors Second Annual Barbecue

It seems when I look at my stats, my followers have been more active than I have been. Over the next couple of weeks, I will try to get you caught up at the Love Shack.

First, I can’t believe it’s already the last weekend in August. And what confirms it is the last weekend in August, it’s because it follows the Weekend Warriors Annual Barbecue.

So that weekend we put all work aside and playtime came again. It was a little more active than last year. You see, the Warriors knew the War Games were coming  so they had more time to prepare. They had time to find bigger water guns, and balloons that you hook up to the faucet and they self fill.

The day was busy, with everyone arriving in the early afternoon.  They headed to the beach, but came back soon, the wind was busy blowing the sand around which put beaching to an early end.

This year we added a bat-mitten tournament, which followed with our first cottage injury.  Ed made an amazing play, diving into to catch the birdey and having an impact with the ground, taking out his shoulder. We are happy to say that his injury was minor and Ed and the lawn both survived.

We put the men to work at the grill and the girls set up the tables. Dinner came and there was more food than needed, with everyone bring a dish to pass. The conversation was busy while the bellies got full.


Then came the part that everyone was waiting for. It was time for the water fight.


Getting ready for the game.


Ready, set, GO….


And the games begin


Ready, aim, fire


Oh yes I can aim.



With a lot of running around, water balloons flying in the air and super soakers aimed at all, no man, women or child made it out dry.



group shot wet
The group looking wet and tired.


Once we got the teams dried off, it was time to have the first bon-fire with the group. The new fire-pit is six-foot around, so there was lots of room to sit and have dessert.

This year was a special dessert. It was Romeo’s First Birthday.


Romeo’s Birthday Cake


Romeo was happy to have his family all come to his Birthday Party. You see he doesn’t know about the Annual Warriors Games and Barbecue, but what he does know it all his family was there and he had a very special day. Especially his friend Noah, who Romeo learned was extra special, cause Noah shares his bed with him.


20170806_215529 (1)
Noah and Romeo after a log day of play.





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