The Bathroom From Hell

I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to describe the bathroom at the Love Shack. The only way to truly experience it, is step by step with pictures.


Let’s go back to the time I was sitting on the toilet and the water was dripping on my head. That was last Summer when the guys had to pull the roof off finding, finding four layers of shingles and three layers of plywood. This was the same time they had to jack up the first side of the house after finding a two-inch gap between the main part of the cottage and the bathroom that was an addition put on twenty years ago, estimating by what we found in the walls, magazines dated twenty years ago.

The water damage found from years of a leaking roof went through the whole room from ceiling to floor, all rotted.


When the roof was being repaired, the ceiling in the bathroom had to come down as it was also rotted and molding.


Years of water damage from the roof leaking



The damage left behind also left the floor rotten.


Underneath that carpet was a 2 foot by 3 foot spongy mess of rotting floor.



The walls were also destroyed and the window did not close properly allowing, spiders, wasp and water to enter.


This window had an inch gap that did not close.



Then there was the toilet. Now it is understandable when using a boat toilet on a boat that you should experience some movement with the waves, but when the toilet had more movement in the house than a ride at Canada Wonderland, I would say this is a problem. The shock of it all was when Husband went to remove the toilet. There was no disassembly  required. He literally picked up the toilet and it was disassembled, leaving beneath a hole that went straight through to the outside. The surprise of it all, is that the toilet only rocked and no one fell through the floor while sitting on it.


The Rocking Boat Toilet


As I had mentioned in a posting not long ago referring to the wiring found in the door frame to the outside. That same wiring was also going across the small hallway and connected to the bathroom.



More bad wiring found in the wall.


We were happy to find that it was not running through the shower, but it was also connected with many small wires all wrapped together.



The gutting of the bathroom, soon moved to gutting the hall connecting the door to the outside and entrance to the house.


hall 1
The ceiling in the hall had the same issues as the bathroom.


hall 2
As did the walls.
hall window
And the window.


As I write, the sub-floors have been replaced. The old windows have been replaced with a new window. The real toilet is installed. The new wiring has been done. The new light junction boxes are up.  The insulation has been placed in the walls and plastic covered. The drywall is up on the ceilings.  Soon to be followed with drywall on the walls and a new floor going in.


The bath tub/shower, along with the sink and the mirror were saveable. This is a good thing, considering that in two years, after all this extra work. The whole thing is coming down.

Where the bathroom and hallway are, is where the new additions for the extended kitchen and new bathroom are going.


Next time I blog on the bathroom, it will be the new temporary bathroom. Which will have no spider, wasp or mold.

The best part is, we have officially opened every wall in the house.  We have been on the roof and under the house. There is no where for surprises to hide… Can we say Hallelujah?


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