The Sounds Of Summer

When you think of the cottage, you think of the Sounds of Summer. There are the birds chipping at the break of dawn and the whoosh of waves crashing against the rocks.  When the breeze blows through the trees, you hear the whisper of the wind.

As the day awakes, the cottager come out, which brings the laughter of children playing, music coming from the radio and the occasional dog barks.

The evening comes and the sun goes down, you hear the roar of the motors from the boats coming in, followed by the chatter of conversation and the crackling from logs burning in the fire pits.

Those are the sounds that make cottagers get in their car and drive the distance each weekend.


Then there are other the sounds of cottage country, not the ones they sell you on the adds, come rent from us, come stay with us. But the other noises that come with cottage country.

The buzzing of the saw. The banging of the hammer. The humming of the drills. Those are the sounds the owners of cottages know well. Those are the sounds of the new roofs being put on. The plumbing being repaired and the decks being built.


As I’m sitting on my new deck and am writing my first blog from the cottage, I’m watching the building and the repairs being done, not only at the Love Shack, but at the neighbors around me. The neighbors are also doing what we do each weekend, fixing, repairing and building.


The new deck was added our first weekend of Summer Vacation. If you are going to spend 10 days at the cottage, the first thing you need is somewhere to sit.



Cottage Season only last for five months. Some of our neighbors come every weekend. Some come for a few weeks of the summer and other only once a year. Regardless of how often they get there, they come with building materials, because the cottage will always need something done.

Why do they do it? For the sounds of the waves breaking against the rock. For the birds chirping in the trees. The laughter of the children, and the crackle of the fire. The ones they tell you about in the adds, “Come stay with us”. They do it because with all the work, nothing sounds as peaceful as The Sounds of Summer.

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