The Blue Door

I confess to being a bad blogger. This past few weeks we have been busy working on the cottage and that didn’t leave a lot of time for writing…. But it’s time to get caught up with some posts. So let start with the The Blue Door.


While designing the Love Shack, I am trying to make the cottage fit into nature and bring nature into the cottage. I am also trying to make the cottage reflect the environment and its intent.


The door to the home is the first sign of welcome that one gets before entering a home. They say that each color door has a meaning. Traditionally, the blue door means……according to The Native American, that a blue door protects evil from being able to enter the home. The Celtic belief is it is the opening to calm, serene and relaxing getaway from the outside world, where they enjoy peace and honesty, making the home well grounded. For all those reasons, plus the color reflects the water. I choose a blue door.


This sent me on a project and another learning experience. I had never used a sander before. It didn’t look difficult and I could use a roller and paint brush; the nautical room had given me lots of experience with that. I read the instructions and husband gave me a quick lesson, (very quick) and I set up to sand down the old ugly purple door.


The Ugly Purple Door, taken down and ready for me to sand it.




It took three hours to properly sand down both sides of the door and take off the old chocking.  Three coats of paint later, the door was painted. Which brings me to my next project, removing the framing of the old door, and putting up new door trim and painting the frame. This will add a couple more hours, but has to wait till next weekends project.


We now have a much nice, and more welcoming entrance to the cottage.


The Blue Door


Next weeks project, painting the trim

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