The Water is Clean but the Word is Dirty

Fifteen months later….. And the water is finally fixed.

First we needed a new cistern. Then we had to dig up the holding tank and had to have the lid replaced. Then we had to run pipes under the house. Then… oh for goodness sakes the holding tank was rapidly filling again.. How can this be?

After getting a Bob-Cat up to the Love Shack for another digging up of the front lawn… We found the guilty party.

It seems that after installing every thing new for the whole water system, there was only one area that didn’t get repaired and of course it needed it.

The pipes running to the holding tank under ground, were placed in the most interesting collections of misses matched sizes and pieces and running in many different direction instead of a straight line to the tank. This caused the joints to all crack.

I am happy to say that we now have four-inch pipe running to the holding tank.


4 ” proper piping running to the holding tank


The yard is three-fourths leveled and the new cistern is well settled.

Leveling in the process


We are now just waiting on the contractors to come back and fill the hole where the new pipes have been added and bring up five yards of soil to complete the leveling of the front yard, then we can plant a new front yard.


Now that the water is working…. we have started working on the scariest bathroom, I have ever seen.

That being said, the new toilet is in. I have hot water and the shower now works…

The bathroom will be a few blog post of its own… It would be impossible to tell that story in less…


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