Romeo Learned to Swim

After fourteen long months of working on the Love Shack, the day finally came that we could spend the weekend at the cottage. I think I will write the weekend from Romeo’s perspective.

Mommy was really busy this past week. She kept putting things in boxes and bags. This is normal for mommy to do each week, but this week she packed a lot more.  Mommy said staying at the cottage was a lot like going on vacation, but you don’t have to bring everything back, you only have to pack once. I don’t know what that means, but it seems to make her happy.

She packed more of my stuff too. She packed up my favorite blanket and a few bags of my kibble. I’m not sure why she packed up my kibble. I don’t eat that at the cottage. Mommy cooks for me when I am there.

When we got to the cottage Uncle Brad was already there sitting on the deck having a bottle of water. He helped mommy unpacked the car, like he always does. Only this time, they had to make a lot more trips to the car. Mommy told Uncle Brad that we were having company tonight. I like company. I get extra attention.

Mommy unpacked the food and the boxes of stuff. The cottage is starting to look  more like our other house. Mommy says she has a functioning kitchen now. That seems to make her happy.

I went outside, Daddy and Brad were started digging a hole in the lawn. I thought mommy would come out and yell at daddy for digging in the lawn, she yells at me and tells me no, when I dig in the lawn. But, daddy seems to get away with more things than I do.

I helped dig the hole too, sense mommy wasn’t say no, I got in on the fun.

Then daddy and Brad made a big circle around the hole with brick. Then they poured sand in it. I thought it was a great place to play and dig in the sand. That’s when mommy said no again. Mommy said that it wasn’t a sand box, but a fire pit.


The fire pit is five foot around made from Allen Block.


Auntie Nikki and Uncle Carlos came up. I love my Auntie Nikki, she plays with me the most of all my aunties . She also comes to stay with me at the house if mommy and daddy aren’t home.

Mommy cooked a big dinner on the barbaque. We had steaks with roasted potato’s and carrots and green beans. See I told you, I never eat kibble at the cottage.  Auntie Nikki brought up lemon pie. I like that too. Then mommy, Auntie Nikki, daddy and I went for a  long walk . Mommy wanted to show Nikki the beaches. Mommy said, she was going to take me swimming tomorrow.

When we got back from our walk, Uncles Brad and Carlos had put wood and sticks in the big sandbox and started a fire. Daddy brought my blanket out and we sat by the fire.

They cooked funny white things by putting them on a stick and sticking them in the fire. I like them before they put them in the fire. They tasted good. But when they came out of the fire. They were sticky and mushy. I spit that out. Mommy gave them to me before she put them in the fire. I sat and ate those.

The people talked for a long time and it was dark outside. I got tired and fell a sleep. Daddy got another blanket to cover me up and keep me warm. Daddy and I got tired and went in the cottage to go to sleep. I heard Aunt Niki come in soon after. A long time later mommy and Uncle Carlos came in. I looked up at mommy and moved over in the bed so she had some room. But, I was really tired and slept real good in the new bed at the cottage.

The next morning uncle Carlos and Nikki left and mommy and daddy took me to the beach. Mommy made us lunch ( see I don’t eat kibble at the cottage). Then mommy packed up some bags and we went to the beach. Daddy put this funny green thing on me. It was light so I didn’t mind it being there.


Husband and Romeo with his life jacket on at the beach.


Mommy and daddy ran on the beach with me. That was fun. Then we went in the water just a little bit. I like water. I go in mommy pond in the yard at the house. But she tells me to get out of her pond and don’t chase the fish. At the cottage, mommy and daddy go in the water with me. There are different rules here.

We played up and down the beach and ran in and out of the water. Then we walked more in the water and it got up to my chest. Mommy said I was a good boy and played in the water with me. Then daddy and I went out farther. I couldn’t touch the bottom with my paws anymore, but the green thing on my back was holding me up and I started moving my paws and I could move around in the water. It was fun to play in the  water with daddy. Mommy was very happy and she came to play too. I like the water.


Romeo swimming with daddy.


We ran up and down the beach some more and I dug in the sand. It’s OK to dig in the sand on the beach. The beach is a good place.

After we came back, mommy cooked another big dinner and then we went for another long walk. When we got back, daddy built another fire and we had more of those white things, mommy called them marshmallows. I feel asleep on my blanket again. Then we went to bed.

If this is what vacation is about, I see why mommy gets happy. Vacation is good.

We had to come home that day. Mommy said, her and daddy had to go back to work, but we would be coming up for a whole week in July. I am going to like being here for a whole week.

In the mean time, mommy said, daddy and Uncle Brad are going to put a new bathroom in. Mommy called the old bathroom a nightmare.







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