Romeo’s Version

After one hundred and seventy some odd posts of our trips to the cottage, I thought I would write one from Romeo’s perspective.


                                                     Romeo’s Perspective 


Beep, beep, beep, mommy rolls over and turns off that little flashing box on the table. I open my eyes and look to see if she is getting up. Daddy is up first. Mommy does not like mornings. I will just stay with her till she sits up.

Daddy is up. I can hear him putting kibble in my dish and I can hear the kitchen sink running. That’s the sound of my water dish being put on the floor.  I should stretch. Yup, I smell coffee. Mommy is now getting out of bed. They are both home and we are up in the morning all together. It must be Saturday.

Everybody is dressed and dad goes outside. I hear the car and look out the window. Dad  is hooking up the trailer. I run around the house jumping from the couch to the front window and back to the side window. We are going to go to the cottage, I am almost sure of it.

Here comes mom out of the guest room, she has lots of bags. She takes the bags outside and puts them by the car. I keep trying to look out the door, but she tells me to go sit down. I can’t sit down. We are going to the cottage. I will just look out the window and watch. I run to the front door each time she comes in to get something. I want to make sure she sees me. I wouldn’t want her to forget to pack me too.

I look out the window and see dad putting all the bags and box’s mom carried out in the back of the car. Mom has packed up the blue and white box she puts food in. I am wanting for the sound. Here comes the ratting noise she makes when she put the ice cubes in it the box with all the things she packed for my lunch.

Mom will take that out and then dad will come in to get me. I can see him putting the  blue and white food box in the car. Yup my blanket is on the back seat. I run to the front door,  here comes dad.

Dad puts on my harness and then my lead. We go out to the car and I jump in the back set and sit on my blanket. Then dad hooks up this thing to my seat. I can’t get into the front seat but I can see out all the windows and I can lay down . Mom gets in and we drive away.

Now we will have to make two stops. The first one is to Home Depot. Dad will run in for a while and I sit in the car with mom. Dad will come back soon, he will put more things in the back of the trailer. I watch him load up and he gets back in the driver’s seat. Now we go to the next stop. My favorite.

Mom stops and gets me breakfast.  We stop at this place that smells real good. They hand food out the window. How cool is that.

I will have an egg and sausage Mc Muffin, a hash brown and a bottle of water. Mom will make sure it’s cool enough for me to eat. She breaks up my sandwich and my hash brown and places on a piece of paper. I sit in the back seat and have my breakfast while dad drives.

Mom hands dad his food and he eats while he is driving. She always eats last. Which works out for me because I eat mine first and she is still eating. I look at her with sad eyes and I get to help her eat hers too.

Breakfast is done and it’s nap time for me. Mom and dad talk while dad drives. I listen to their conversations but the ride makes me tired and I fall a sleep.  I wake up during the drive and look out the window to see if we are there yet. I see the farmers fields and the country roads, but the car is still moving. I might as well lay back down. It doesn’t look like we are there yet.

The car stops and I sit up. Boy that was a fast nap, I couldn’t have slept more than an hour. But, it’s time to get up. Big stretch. We are at the cottage.

I jump around in the back seat until dad comes to get me. I am so excited. It’s Saturday and we are at the cottage. Dad put me on the deck. This deck is different from the one at home. It has gates on it. I can’t run in the yard but that I can run in and out of the house.

I wait for dad to open the door. Once dad opens the door I can play with my Saturday toys. Mom has set me up. I have my other dog bed and my cottage toys. I love this place.

Soon after we get here, my aunties and uncles come up to visit with me. They all talk a lot and make a lot of noises. I go and see what they are doing. It’s my job to make sure they are building everything right.

Once I know they are building thing right, I pull out all my toys and leave them all over the house and on the deck. They are easier for me to find that way.

I lay in the sun and play with my toys and chew on my bones. Sometimes I take a little nap, but mostly I just run around the house checking on things and making sure the humans are doing the right things. Of course, I have to stop my supervising to make sure they have time to pet and play with me.

Mom goes to the frig a few times a day and gets me nice cold water. I also get cookies and then best part of the day, is when I help mom cook.

She starts up this metal thing on the back deck. As soon as she turns it in, I know the good part is coming soon. She put meat on the grill. I stay with her while she is cooking it. When she open the lid, she always tells me it’s hot, but I look in to see how things are going anyways.

Then my favorite part of the day comes.

They set the table with all this great food. My mom is a good cook and she makes lots of it. Everyone sits at the table, except me, I need to be able to move around to see what everyone is eating.

Mom cooks for me too. She makes me a burger. I like extra cheese on it and none of that funny red stuff or yellow stuff they put on their burgers. Then my mom, you have to love her, she breaks up my hamburger in bite size pieces for me. She knows I also love her potato salad and mac salad. Add a few potato chips and I have the best lunch ever.

I eat faster than they do and this helps out a lot. You see, mom has less garbage to put out if I help everyone finish what they didn’t eat.

The humans go back to making more noises. I take a bit of a nap. It’s a lot of work to make sure those table scraps don’t get wasted.

By the time I wake up the humans have already started putting things away and are packing up the car again.

Dad takes me into the yard and connects this thing to my halter. I don’t like it a lot because I can only go so far and it keep me in the yard. I do the potty thing and my dad or mom cleans it up.  Then it is time to get back in the car.

I sleep all the way home. It’s a lot of work to do all my jobs at the cottage. After all, I have to play, supervise and allow them to pet me. I also have to help mom cook and eat all those foods. It’s a lot, I say. After all, I am only ten months old.


Romeo’s version of having another bed.






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  1. Romeo, you have a wonderful life. How lucky you are to have your own cottage! Of course you have to share it with the humans, but we know it’s really yours. Thanks for sharing your great adventures with us.
    Stereo purrs………..Hemingway and Steinbeck


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