And the Tree Came Down

Rewinding back to a posting in March, when husband and I went up to the Love Shack and did some major pruning on the tree’s that hadn’t been pruned in about twenty years.  We gave it our best shot at trying to bring the trees back to a healthy state. Being a bit of a tree huger, I am sorry to say, as hard as we tried the one in the middle of the backyard could not be saved. The tree died right up the center, leaving it to be a safety hazard.


tree 1
Sad old tree.


This gave the guys another unexpected project at the cottage. On Saturday while the girls were busy having the Weekend Warrior Garage Sale, we sent the guys up with chain-saws in hand to take down the tree.

1 day to get it down to the stump… 1 day to get the stump out of the ground.


It turned into a whole weekend project, but I am happy to say that the tree is down, and the stump was removed.  In the hole, new soil was placed and grass seed has been planted. The dining tent and table were re-located, and we now have a new back yard.


The old stepping-stones are now gone too and we have a nice size yard and bonus… firewood.


This being the case, it also meant it was time for me to sit down and do that landscape design that I have been promising to do.

As it turned out the two days extra work has paid off on a much nice design and a much larger yard.

I will be replacing the tree, but it will be relocated. The tree huger in me, feels the need to put the tree back, only I will be planting a few ever greens, something the area seems to be lacking. Something I am sure the birds will make good use of.

In the mean time, I am happy to say that we will now have a very safe place to put a fire pit and a place to put up a badminton net. And like everything else, badminton has also changed, it now come with its own stand.  Challenge anyone?


Image result for badminton  in the yard pictures
Badminton with its new stand.