The Weekend Warriors have a Bedroom

After eighteen long and hot hours, I am more than happy to say we finished both bedrooms this weekend.

Husband and I did thirteen hours of work and finishing touches on Saturday and five hours today, not including the fours hours of driving time and of course the trips to Home Depot, but We Finished.

We can finally stay over night at the cottage, thirteen months later. There are no words to describe what a great feeling that is, and also the amount of time it is going to save to not have to set up every day and pack up every day, not to mention not have to drive back and forth every day.

So on that happy note… let’s take a tour of the finished rooms.

Bedroom one going left to right around the room.













Now for bedroom two. The Weekend Warriors have not seen the finished rooms or the decoration for bedroom two. This will be their first time seeing the room too.

Bedroom two was done in a Nautical Theme.

I was able to find matching sheets for the beds.


The Upper Bunk



The Lower Bunk



Now for a walk around the room starting from left to right.
















The amateur photographer that I am, my pictures don’t do the rooms justice. But there they are, happily finished. Two rooms down five more to go……



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