Almost There

Last weekend had a lot of work going on, bring us to almost there. Most of bedroom two has now been painted. The back wall has been repainted a new color to match the stairs and the spindles, they are now a Royal Blue. There is a few touch-ups to do and the room is done being painted.

This coming weekend, we are heading up with one plan in mind, finish bedroom number two and clear off the bed in bedroom number one.

Husband and I are going it alone. We are looking forward to a little “us time” and also to do the last of the rooms and surprise the Weekend Warriors with a few touches they are not expecting.

Before we reveal the rooms to them and our bloggers. I thought we should take a look back to where we started, and compare it to where we are today.


des 3
Bedroom number one May 2016


Des 2
Bedroom number two May 2016



lower framing aand pocket doors
Walls came down and framing for walls went up




Electrical got run



Walls went up




The New Floors were added, walls got painted and trim was added.




Bedroom one is almost finished.






Starting from left to right a view of bedroom two. The base of the bed is a queen size bed. Under the bed is drawers for storage.



The base of the beds



The top bunk is a twin size bed. Under the stairs there are two closet, one will have a door ( not yet, that is on order to still make.)


Storage, storage and more storage.



The second closet will be shelves for books, music and DVD’s. The two openings you can see on the stairs are also storage with door that open up with magnetic push.

Husband and I are going up tomorrow to finish bedroom two. We are estimating there is about sixteen more hours work. That’s our plan with the revealing of the rooms to the Warriors and the bloggers next week.


PS. The weather is calling for sunny days now let’s hope Romeo doesn’t help too much and slow us down.