It’s All in the Shoes

As times goes by and we get working farther along, not only do I find that I need more tools and more supplies. I also find I need different clothes for the cottage.

At first, before I would leave the house to go work on the cottage, I would get up and do my hair and makeup. I bought new jeans to wear and some nice sweat shirts and t-shirts.

As time passed and construction got farther along, the early mornings got to be to early and, well, to heck with the hair and makeup. After all I was going to get dirty anyways. But my clothes still matched.

Time passes again, and the jeans have paint stains, the t-shirt have that washed and worn look. The sweat shirts, have many stains and I think my clothes still match. Does matching paint stain colors on your clothes count as matching?

The final cottage construction work clothes came to its grand-finale today with the purchase of yes, I am going to say it out loud, Yellow Rain Boots.  Yup, those ones your mom made you wear as a kid and you swore you would never make your kids wear, but you did.

Well its fifty years since I wore those first pair of Yellow Rain Boots and somewhere along those fifty years, I have gone from this….


Snake Skin Stilettos



To this….Again.


Yellow Rain Boots


PS… I hate to admit it… but they are comfy. I guess this mean I have surrendered the City Girl to being the Cottage Girl.